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Welcome to Park Café! One of the best cafes in Mussoorie.

Our culinary gem seamlessly combines nature's beauty with exquisite flavors, offering a unique dining experience against the backdrop of breathtaking natural wonders.

Welcome to Park Cafe!·

To create a dining oasis in the middle of the wilderness, we at Park Café are all about fusing innovation and simplicity. Our menu offers a fusion of inventive twists and regional flavors, guaranteeing a delectable experience that ideally accentuates the soothing settings. Everything about this place is meant to evoke memories, from carefree picnic brunches with a variety of BBQ dishes to special dinners served with hot cocoa.

We're proud to serve a variety of delicious dishes that celebrate Mussoorie's culinary heritage. Our cafe is situated where Sir George Everest once had his stables and rode around, along with the George Everest Museum just a few minutes walk away.

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How to reach us?

Nestled amidst nature at the Everest Base Camp in Mussoorie, Park Cafe offers a convenient location just a stone's throw away from the George Everest Museum. To enhance your experience, you can come by yourself or give us a call to make a reservation and get a pass that lets you drive straight up to the cafe.

Don't miss the chance to explore the historical significance of our location, where Sir George Everest once had his stables and rode around.Plus, the George Everest Museum is just a couple of minutes' walk from our café. Conveniently, visitors can park their vehicles at the Park Café grounds before heading to the museum, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable visit.

Our Cuisine

Pasta Alfredo
Crispy Veg Burger
Butter chicken
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Why Choose Us ?

Discover what makes us the most unique cafe in Mussoorie – our unwavering commitment to a memorable dining experience that transcends the ordinary. At EBC, indulge in more than just a meal; it's a taste of home amidst the breathtaking beauty of nature. Nestled beside a beautiful meadow, our cafe offers a diverse range of offerings, from delightful tea and snacks to exquisite dining experiences.

Experience curated events and experiences that promise to elevate your visit. As a must-visit cafe in Mussoorie, EBC ensures an unforgettable culinary journey that celebrates nature and community.

Add-on Experience

Barbeque in the Shadows!

Join us for "Barbeque in the Shadows," a cozy fireside evening filled with delicious bite-sized treats and treasured memories. Our serene property, acclaimed as the finest eatery in Mussoorie, sets the perfect stage for intimate celebrations and relaxation, enhancing the pleasure of unwinding together.

Enjoy a private bonfire, a beautifully decorated candlelight table, and personalized butler service, all while selecting from a rich and varied menu under the flicker of Mashal torches.

Picnic in the Meadows!

Experience an enchanting outdoor gathering surrounded by the wonders of nature, complemented by an Instagram-worthy picnic in the meadows. With vibrant pop color cutlery and chinaware, luxurious cushioned seating on carpets, and the option of tables and chairs under a picnic umbrella, every moment becomes a picture-perfect celebration.

Savor in our multi-cuisine menu, offering a range of delectable options, perfect for a unique day dining experience in the mountains with your loved ones.

Mark Your Milestones with Us!

Experience unforgettable celebrations at Everest Base Camp ,Mussoorie. We customize every element to match your vision, from anniversaries to birthdays. With our attention to detail, your event will run seamlessly, letting you cherish every moment. Come celebrate with us and create memories to last a lifetime!

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